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    # 10 Eco-Haiku
    Wiry Hawk

    Awakening stiff
    A strong stretch of wing and leg
    Morning yoga done.
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    # 9 Eco-Haiku
    Magic Merlin

    A dragonfly snack
    Many required for a meal
    Falcon dilemma.
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    # 8 Eco-Haiku
    Invited to a fish boil

    Fight-flight from big fish?
    flip flop flying frenzied fun?
    fishy disco jam.
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    # 7 Eco-Haiku
    Turtle Snacks

    Lunch time dock salad
    Saint Augustine sea lettuce
    Munch munch munch a bunch

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    # 6 Eco-Haiku
    Note from Nature

    Forbes' top one-hundred
    Holds no candle to Irene
    Just a reminder
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    #5 Eco-Haiku
    Long-Legged Lament

    Stiff-standing, formal
    Labeled Stilted from the start
    Dreams of letting fly
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    # 4 Eco-Haiku
    Single File

    Eleven youngsters
    Best get those ducks in a row!
    Avian orders
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    # 3 Eco-Haiku
    Dancing Duo

    Male and female pair
    Twenty legged do-si-do
    Crabby step in time
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    # 2 Eco-Haiku
    Hungry Bird

    A man with a net
    A stealthy approach is made
    A wish for a fish
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    #1 Eco Haiku

    moss green mats blow in
    thousands of east wind life boats
    in six more hours: gone